Riviera Maya Jazz Festival 2017

Riviera Maya Jazz Festival. Playa Mamitas.

By Erik Bartzik, October 6th, 2017, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.

November is coming, and with it, one of my favorite events of the year. The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival. This event will be held for the 15th time in the famous beach club, Playa Mamitas.

The event occurs right on the beach under the stars. A big set up takes place and musicians from around the globe are invited to play their beats.

The festival starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. And every year they match the date with the same weekend of thanksgiving.

The lineup for this year includes Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas, John McLaughlin, Jimmy Herrig, Bobby McFerrin, Wallace Roney, amongst others. Check the flyer:

Riviera Maya Jazz Festival program.

The event will start on November 30th in the evening, and will finish on Sunday December 2nd around midnight.

I want to make a recommendation if you are planning to assist to the Riviera Maya Jazz festival, and that is to arrive early to the site. As the entrance is free, mainly the locals arrive at early hours, with the intention of getting a nice place to seat down, close to the action. You can bring with you, your own beach chairs, and coolers.

Beverages and snacks are sold in the tents, but you can bring your own. We just recommend you to keep the concert area clean, do not litter, and take back with you everything you came with.

The atmosphere is very relaxed, and it is safe to bring all your family members including your kids, to enjoy this spectacular event.

So what are you waiting for, book your tickets now, and be part of this year edition of the RMJF.

Let us know if we can help you out with anything in your trip, just send us a message or email us.

Find here the website for the festival: https://rivieramayajazzfestival.com/



Cenotes in Riviera Maya

By Erik Bartzik, Playa del Carmen.

Even though this region has a lot to offer when we speak about nature, one of the things that capture most people when they visit for the first time the Riviera Maya are the Cenotes.

Cenotes are underground rivers, which carry the water collected from the rain. Then this water is conducted through these rivers directly to the ocean. When you snorkel or swim in Playa del Carmen beaches and other places of the Riviera Maya, you can find this water springs around the rocks and reefs with clear, cold and fresh water coming from the cenotes which are feeding the ocean. When this happens an effect like the mix of oil and water is formed called adocline effect.


There are different types of cenotes: Open Cenotes (like a pool surrounded by plants and nature), semi-open ( Mainly caverns), closed Cenotes (caves ), and deep cenotes (More than 30 meters in depth).

65 million years ago, a 10 km diameter meteorite impacted the Yucatan Peninsula. It is believed that this event at Chicxulub caused the extinction of 75% of the living species of the planet.

Diverse studies show that this meteorite impacted the earth at 72,000 KM/h, this generated temperatures up to 18,000 degrees Celsius and caused the same force equal to 100 million of megatons of TNT.

I am telling you this, as I want you to understand that the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula was once below the ocean. And when this meteorite hit in Yucatan, caused the immersion of the Yucatan Península. All our ground used to be reef barriers.

As the Yucatan Peninsula emerges from the ocean after the hit, plus the combination of the high temperatures caused that our ground came out totally flat, and without any mountains as everything was pulverised.  All our ground and floor was made of lime stone.

Riviera Maya

This is very important when I speak of cenotes, as all the water from the rain is filtered making the water crystal clear. Then it is conducted through underground rivers all the way until meets the ocean.

Beautiful formations and mystic places are found in these amazing rivers. Scuba divers also like to explore these unknown places.

We fully recommend you to go out there and swim in one of these beauties yourself.

Source: Gob/mx